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Yaser Tarawneh

We briefly explained how Yasser got into crypto, but let’s delve deeper into the founder of this illustrious, exclusive club. After the bull run in 2017 Yasser was hooked, in fact, he turned 20k to over 6 figures. He was made for life, he left his job as a civil engineer which he spent many years studying for at Brighton University…. so he thought.

Yasser thought he was a trader at this point however life is never that easy especially without a mentor or supportive community, he was actually in fact just an enthusiast and HODLER and lost 90% of his fortune in 2018. This is the point in which most people would give up, he did temporarily going back to his civil engineer career. However, the crazy freedom and gains he experienced during the short time Yasser had his crypto fortune kept eating away at his mind while he was working his long, stressful civil engineering job.

He knew he couldn’t live like this, so he did 11 paid courses, Read 50+ books about On-chain analysis and technical analysis and finally got back into conquering the markets, then in 2019 he made his first 6 figures actually trading crypto. This enabled him to leave his mundane, boring full-time job and live an amazing life of freedom, he ended up taking a 6 month trip to turkey and living there, But he didn’t stop there, he thought to himself “Hey there must be a lot of people out there like me” so he started the Aliens Club and gave out free signals on his telegram channel and to his amazement, he grew from 15 members to 1400.

 He had a powerful, supportive international community and became friends with many of the traders on the telegram chat. These are now known as the Crypto OG’s, members of the club who are verified traders and have been scouted by Yasser himself. Now the Aliens Club has officially relaunched and is split in two 2 main products the discord server & 1-1 training with Yasser.

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