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Masters Class

Technical Analysis

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Learn the language of Crypto markets and take the first step toward self-sufficiency. ALIENS Masters Class will help you improve your consistency and profitability by taking your crypto expertise to new heights.

Our Founder’s


I started investing in crypto currencies back in 2015; since then, I profited and lost a lot from the markets to the point where I turned my $20K portfolio into 6 figures and then I lost almost all of of it. To be frank, this loss motivated me to study the ins and outs of the market, I read more than 50 books and participated in countless seminars in order to understand how the market works.
Later on, specifically in 2018, I become a full-time trader, I can with full confident say that I have seen almost every indicator, studied and mastered all T.A schools; I have back-tested countless number of  technical analysis tactics and techniques.
Later on, I concluded all my studies and my long research hours into a straightforward way using price action to trade the markets and analyze the charts with an 80% accurate system and four confluences. I can proudly say that every student I’ve mentored has had immediate good results. Without any doubt, I assure you that when you understand my technique, you will master the art of price action and technical analysis.

More about the

ALIENS Master Class

ALIENS Master Class consists of 20 hours of mentoring via Zoom application.

Contents of this class:

Risk Management (Holy Grail of using R/R)

Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis with a 80% accurate system.

Psychology of instruments that you trade with along with the psychology of the trader.


 900 USD

Crypto and Card payments are accepted


To ensure quality of this class our founder is accepting only 3 students a month.

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