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01. Deep Industry Knowledge

Our founder and his community are specialists in the areas they cater for, this means the knowledge provided is broad but also deep, as opposed to broad but simple. This means that no matter which kind of trading you’d like to learn you will be looked after and will come out as a much better trader than before.

02. Years of Experience

The Alien Club operates at an institutional level, with years of experience with the market the Aliens know how the market works inside out, so you can be ensured that the strategies used by our traders work well and will provide you with exceptional returns.

03. In-house Research Teams

Our Community works hard around the clock to find entry opportunities for our clients, this is all done in house by the Aliens and most of the opportunities are unique to our community especially with cryptocurrency, more specifically altcoins as we have a proven track record of many exceptionally profitable months.

Our Founder

We briefly explained how Yasser got into crypto, but let’s delve deeper into the founder of this illustrious, exclusive club. After the bull run in 2017 Yasser was hooked, in fact, he turned 20k to over 7 figures. He was made for life, he left his job as a civil engineer which he spent many years studying for at Brighton University…. so he thought…..

Our Story

The story of Aliens club begins in 2015, Our founder Yasser Tarawneh began trading crypto buying cryptos such as Bitcoin and XRP, these became a massive fortune in the 2017 Bullrun and ever since Yasser has been hooked. Reading all the pages of the crypto whitepapers day and night going full Alien Mode. That is what the thesis of the Aliens Club is a community of crypto addicted individuals looking for the next 10x, 50x and 100x projects.



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Services we provide


We offer education on cryptocurrency, how to find 100x projects, crypto futures & scalping and cryptocurrency content, we also make calls on our discord server in regards to what trades to take to help you benefit.

Discord Server

This is our most powerful tool, engaging people from around the world as a community to help each other grasp the market and excel in trading. It is neatly managed by an AI bot which provides educational content 24/7 around the clock for the Crypto Server

Aliens Masterclass

It includes 20 hours of mentoring and includes:

  1. Risk Management (Holy Grail of using R/R)
  2. Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis with a 80% accurate system
  3. Psychology of instruments that you trade with the psychology of a trader 

Trade setups

Get notified instantly when a trade is posted

Crypto discussions

AKA aliens home, this is where all aliens share their thoughts about everything related to crypto world

Low cap alt coins

This is the channel where research is sent about low cap alt coins that have the potential to return very high gains

Decentralized Exchange Flips

This is the channel where we talk about tokens that are listed in decentralized exchanges and study them, the gains on these tokens can go up to 10x or more but they are very risky to invest in

Public channels

Such as crypto related music, podcasts, videos

Crypto overall analysis

This is the channel where our founder posts the latest analysis and predictions about the current status of crypto market

Bots channels

Here in aliens club we have many bots in our server, and this is their job: track the most important crypto related news according to complex algorithms, whale alert bot, important crypto related youtube videos and so on….

VIP lounge

In this channel members get to network with each other and talk about literally everything crypto related or not.

Check out our subscription choices and mentorship programs

Discord Subscription


Billed every three months
  • Access to Discord server
  • AI Bot providing 24/7 educational content
  • International Alien Community
  • Crypto

1-1 ALIENS Masters Class


20 hours of 1-1 coaching (Live zoom sessions)

  • Coaching with Yasser
  • The Alien Course (A working System with 80% accuracy)
  • The 3 pillars of Trading
  • 1: Risk Management (Holy Grail of using Risk/Reward)
  • 2: Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis
  • 3: Psychology
Transcend your future..



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